Goharan Gostar Nadin Company is a group of specialized engineers in the field of membranes and filters that constantly strive to provide the most effective solutions, achieve the most efficient results, and create the best experience for their customers by utilizing up-to-date knowledge and innovative technologies because they are our most valuable asset and highest priority. 

Our focus is always on value creation and continuous improvement of our products. To this end, Goharan experts carefully examine all processes and feedback to identify customers’ challenges, problems, and needs and choose the best and most effective solutions through proper analysis and planning. Our ultimate goal and honor are maximum customer satisfaction and long-term relationships.

These are the first steps we take toward a commitment to our mission, goals, and vision.

Porous Parts Usage

Pneumatic Silencer

Reducing the pressure and intensity of the outgoing air, minimizes the noise and prevents damage to people or objects exposed to it

Pipette Tips Filter

A porous filter that prevents contamination, impurities, and mixing one sample with another when placed inside a sampler holder. 

Stopper Valve Filter

A porous filter with selective permeability that allows air and gas to pass through but becomes blocked when a liquid reaches it and does not let it pass through