Diffusion Tubes


Diffusion tubes are a vital component in the semiconductor industry, facilitating the precise diffusion, filtration, and distribution of process gases. These tubes are made of high-purity porous materials, which allow for consistent electrical and flow properties. Their porosity is engineered to tightly control pore size and volume, enabling customization to deliver precise flow rates and tolerances. Diffusion tubes are used in diffusion furnaces, which are tube furnaces employed in the manufacturing process of semiconductor components, particularly in adding doping impurities into high-purity silicon wafers to create embedded semiconductor devices. These furnaces typically feature three heating zones and gas flow control loops, with some processes conducted under vacuum conditions.
It is essential to ensure the purity of materials used in semiconductor processing, and diffusion tubes provide a reliable means to achieve this. They are designed to meet the highest quality and performance standards, making them a vital component in maintaining clean environments for sensitive instrumentation and critical processes.


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