Stopper Valve Filter


A stopper valve filter is a porous filter with selective permeability that allows air and gas to pass through but becomes blocked when a liquid reaches it and does not let it pass through. This filter is a disposable component located under the suction bag lid in the suction flow path. As soon as the suction bag is full and its capacity is completed, the filter becomes blocked by the liquid reaching it, preventing the spread of infection to the surrounding environment and preventing damage to the suction device.

In addition to stopping the flow to prevent the spread of infection and damage to the device, this filter’s holes and porosity must be designed to create the least possible pressure drop in the suction flow. Suppose the pressure drop exceeds the standard amount. In that case, the suction power is reduced, and suctioning the blood during surgery is not done correctly and disrupts the surgical process. Therefore, the two factors of timely flow stop and minimum pressure drop in the suction flow are the essential features of a suitable flow stop filter.

Goharan stopper valve filter, with its unique porosity structure, appropriate hole size, and standard uniform distribution, can provide the maximum power to the suction pump by creating the least possible pressure drop in the suction flow, in addition to the timely and complete stopping of the blood flow when the suction bag is full, preventing the spread of infection and blood, and making it easy to perform surgery without any problems from the suction system.

Besides, the dimensional changes of the Goharan stopper valve filter are minimal within the standard range. Its appearance, especially the part installed on the bag, is designed or customized so that the installation and mounting of this filter on the suction bag can be quickly done, thereby minimizing the time, cost, and labor required for the assembly operation.

Along with all the features mentioned above, the reasonable price, easy and fast supply, custom order in any quantity and with any requested specifications, and delivery in standard packaging have made the Goharan stopper valve filter an ideal and unique option for all customers.


Technical Specification

Inspection ItemInspection Standard
AppearanceClean, flat & smooth, no scratch, no damage, no contamination, no powder off, etc.
Flash ≤0.20𝑚𝑚, Embedded materials ≤0.3 𝑚𝑚^2
DimensionExternal diameter (𝑚𝑚): 18.1 ± 0.30
Internal diameter (𝑚𝑚): 11.0 ± 0.20
Height (𝑚𝑚): 27.6 ± 0.50
Pressure drop≤ 100 mmhg
Porosity (%)≥ 30
Air resistance after water block≥ 450 mmhg
Working pH range1-14
Working temp. range-196-80 ˚C
Chemical StabilityResistive to acidic & basic solution, chemically inert to most organic solvents

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