Carbon Block Pre-Filters


If you are in search of a filter that can provide you with high-quality drinking water comparable to bottled water, or if you need a pre-filter for your reverse osmosis system, Carbon Block Filters are an excellent option. While it is always advisable to have sediment pre-filtration before using a carbon filter, these carbon blocks have an outer wrap that offers additional protection against sediment blinding. They come with rigid molded end caps that have an integrated gasket, ensuring a secure seal with the filter housing and preventing any filter bypass. These filters are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications, as they can remove chlorine, VOCs, herbicides, solvents, dyes, and surfactants.
Carbon block pre-filters are utilized in water filtration systems to eliminate impurities, odors, and tastes from water. Constructed from compressed carbon, they are commonly employed as a pre-filter in reverse osmosis and other water filtration systems.

It is recommended to replace these filters every 12 months for properties with 1-2 occupants and every 6 months for properties with 3 or more occupants. For commercial applications, the filter lifespan will vary based on daily flow rates.


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